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By Gilles Vauvarin


What is ?

The idea of this article is to introduce Blogvoyage to people who are new to this service. Blogvoyage is a web service that provides travellers with a blog to share and keep track of their adventures. This service was created following my experiences of travelling around the world and from the different needs that arose during these trips.

Here are the main features that I have designed to make your trip memorable and free you from your mental load. They will also allow you to store and share useful information for your future trips and those of other travellers. Finally, it is a great tool to allow your family and friends to follow your journey and share your discoveries and emotions with them.

Introducing yourself

In Blogvoyage, you can fill in your biography to introduce yourself to other travellers who will read your travel stories. This helps to better understand what type of traveller you are, to find commonalities with others or simply to give your profile a little more humanity.

Entering his biography
Entering his biography

Share your equipment list

For each trip, you can share your equipment list and even add hyperlinks to find similar equipment on the internet. This information can give ideas to other travellers to prepare their own equipment or to discover new equipment.

Sharing your equipment list
Sharing your equipment list

Plan your roadmap

A journey starts long before you leave. All the preparation is part of the journey. In Blogvoyage, it is possible to build a provisional roadmap in draft mode to start planning a trip. Over time, this roadmap can be refined or modified. It will serve as a guideline for writing your stories.

Establishment of the roadmap
Establishment of the roadmap

Locate your steps on an online map

Each step of your route map can be geographically located either by postal address or longitude/latitude. Once the information is recorded, pointers will be placed on a map to share your progress.

Entering the geographical coordinates of the steps of the roadmap
Entering the geographical coordinates of the steps of the roadmap

Sharing your good plans

At each step of your trip, you can list your good addresses for food and accommodation as well as the activities you have done. This will allow other travellers to enjoy them and give them ideas if they plan to go to the same places.

Sharing your good plans
Sharing your good plans

Writing and illustrating stories

Each stage of your journey can be the subject of one or more stories (articles). Indeed, you might stay several days at a stage and want to write one story per day. These stories will be posted on your public web page in an ante-chronological way as in a classic blog. So your readers won't have to scroll down to see your latest posts. The story writing interface is simple and intuitive. It provides you with several types of predefined content blocks that you arrange in the order you want. You can add photos or photo galleries, videos or quotes to your texts.

Content editor for writing your stories
Content editor for writing your stories

Writing stories with several authors

If you choose the "Adventures" option, you can share the writing of your stories with co-authors previously created in your private space. If you go as a couple or with friends, they will be able to participate in the writing of your blog. You are entitled to 4 additional co-authors and they can be different for each trip.

Adding co-authors
Adding co-authors

To discover the whole Blogvoyage blog management interface, I invite you to create your free account.

Presentation of the two plans available on

Blogvoyage offers two plans, a free plan called "Travel" and a subscription plan called "Adventures".

The "Travel" plan:

It is a free formula that allows you to discover Blogvoyage without risk. You can only document one trip, the number of photos is limited to 200 and the number of authors is limited to one person. Apart from these limitations, you have access to all the features of Blogvoyage in the same way as the "Adventures" package.

The "Adventures" plan:

This plan requires a subscription of 19 € HT per month. This is what keeps Blogvoyage alive! You can document all your past and future trips. There is no limit to the number of photos and you can invite up to 4 additional co-authors to write your stories.

If you are not using your blog for a long time, Blogvoyage offers you the possibility to pause your subscription to save money. Your content will remain online and at any time you can reactivate it. If you have a new trip planned and want to document this new adventure, simply log in to your personal account and reactivate the subscription to access the creation and editing of your trips.

Different ways to use

You can use Blogvoyage in different ways:

You enjoy writing

Blogvoyage is a blogging tool, so you can write text in stories that will be displayed in chronological order. If you like writing, Blogvoyage allows you to write as much text as you like. Your text can be enhanced with quotes, photos or videos.

You do not like writing

Not everyone is a writer. Or you just don't have the time to write during or after your trip. No problem, with Blogvoyage you can create stories but only publish photos or videos. The gallery mode allows you to arrange your photos in a mosaic in your stories. You can caption this gallery and caption (or not) each photo.

You like to prepare your trips

You can also use Blogvoyage prior to your trip to store information in draft mode and record any information you find in travel forums and blogs. For example, you can start by researching and creating a roadmap by recording the stages of your trip in Blogvoyage. You can list your good tips at each stage to find them later.

You like not to prepare anything and adapt when the time comes

If you like to be spontaneous and live your trip day by day without planning anything in advance, you can use Blogvoyage to tell your adventures as you discover them during or after your stay.

What will my public web page look like?

I use this tool to document some of my trips. If you would like to see a public rendering of a travel blog made with Blogvoyage, you can view these trips by clicking on the "Demo" buttons on the homepage or click on the following links "Travel plan" and "Adventure plan".

The future of Blogvoyage

At the time of writing, Blogvoyage has not yet been publicly announced. So there are no travellers who have documented their adventures on the platform. In the near future, once enough blogs have been created and a small community has formed, Blogvoyage will set up a "Community" page to make it easy for everyone to find other participants' blogs. It will also be a useful source of information for future travellers who are planning their next adventure, whether they are members of Blogvoyage or just visiting the site.

Of course, I'm always open to suggestions for features that you might find useful.